Reproducible builds

Added in version 0.8.

Wheels built by flit are reproducible: if you build from the same source code, you should be able to make wheels that are exactly identical, byte for byte. This is useful for verifying software. For more details, see

There is a caveat, however: wheels (which are zip files) include the modification timestamp from each file. This will probably be different on each computer, because it indicates when your local copy of the file was written, not when it was changed in version control. These timestamps can be overridden by the environment variable SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.

flit publish
# Record the value of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in release notes for reproduction

Changed in version 0.12: Normalising permission bits

Flit normalises the permission bits of files copied into a wheel to either 755 (executable) or 644. This means that a file is readable by all users and writable only by the user who owns it.

The most popular version control systems only track the executable bit, so checking out the same repository on systems with different umasks (e.g. Debian and Fedora) produces files with different permissions. With Flit 0.11 and earlier, this difference would produce non-identical wheels.